Cleveland State University

President's Advisory Committee on the Role and Status of Women

Committee Members

Historical List of Members

Founding Members
Members 1991-2000

Committee Members (2009-2010)

Paula Bloch, M.A.
Coordinator, Freshman Orientation Course
Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
MC 107D
Ext. 3734

Mareyjoyce Green, M.A.
Ex-Officio Member
Women’s Comprehensive Center &
Sociology Department
Ext. 4674

Keisha J. Gunn
Secretary 2
Education Student Service Center/COEHS
Ext. 4130

Rita Hammond
Ex Officio Member
Secretary 2
English Department
RT 1815
Ext. 3951

Constance L. Hollinger, Ph.D.
Co-Chair 2007-08
CB 164
Ext. 2544 or 2551

Margaret Payerle, Ph.D.
Teaching Specialist/Mathematics
College of Science/Dean's Office
Ext. 2060

Elice E. Rogers, Ed.D.
Associate Professor and Head of Graduate Programs in Adult Learning & Development
Ext. 4587

Patricia Stoddard-Dare, Ph.D.
School of Social Work/CLASS
Ext. 4568

Christine Sell, M.A., CRA
Co-Chair 2007-08
Pre-Awards Manager
Office of Sponsored Programs and Research
PHH 308
Ext. 3625

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Mailing Address
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Avenue, MC 142
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214
Campus Location
Main Classroom, Room 142
1899 East 22nd Street
Phone: 216.687.5222
Fax: 216.687.5109

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