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President's Advisory Committee on the Role and Status of Women

Policies and Procedures


  • This committee will comprise 12 members plus three ex-officio members two representing the Womenís Comprehensive Center, one representing the womenís student organization. Invited to attend all meetings, ex-officio, and all events, as participants, advisors, and/or organizers will be member of the Womenís Studies Faculty. The President of Cleveland State University will appoint members for three-year terms, with a letter announcing the length of their terms.
  • Membership rotation will be established so that representative categories are replaced on a staggered schedule.
  • The committee will solicit nominations for membership annually by memorandum to all women employees of the University. The existing Committee membership will vote on nominees and present nominations (2 per vacancy) to the President. The Committee files should retain a record of the vote count for each nominee, to be used in future mid-term replacements, as necessary (see detailed procedures on file).
  • In the event that a Committee member resigns before the expiration of her term, the most recent list of nominees will be consulted to select a replacement to be recommended to the President for appointment. A replacement member serves the remainder of the term that was vacated. A member appointed to fill a vacancy may be nominated for the appointment to a new term if there is an opening.


  • Committee members are expected to inform the Chair in advance of any absences. It is recommended that notice of absence be given as early as possible, to provide the Chair with the opportunity to cancel or reschedule a meeting in which low attendance is expected.
  • Three consecutive absences, for which the Chair did not receive prior notice, will be considered as a resignation from the Committee.
  • Members who have an approved leave of absence from the University may petition the Committee for a leave of absence as well. In such cases, the Committee will recommend a temporary replacement for appointment during the term of the leave.


  • The Committee as a whole will determine meeting times on a semester-by-semester basis, creating a regularized schedule that all members can meet each month. At least three-fourths of the Committee members must agree to the schedule.
  • Committee decisions will be developed by consensus, with the Chair calling for a vote when she is uncertain of the will of the discussion. A majority vote will prevail. The Chair will vote only to break a tie.
  • Persons who are not members of the Committee may be invited to join ad hoc task forces to bring special expertise to the deliberations or to expand the University communityís attention and information on certain issues.


  • At the end of a Chairís term, the Committee will select one of its members to be recommended to serve a Chair for the following year. The name of the recommended Chair will be forwarded to the President for confirmation and appointment. After committee replacements have been made, the Committee will also select a second member to be recommended as Chair-elect. This nominee will also be recommended to the President of the University for confirmation, and will assume office immediately thereafter.
  • In May of each following year, the Committee will determine whether or not to continue the appointment of the Chair.
  • A chair may serve no more than two consecutive terms.
  • A memberís selection as co-chair automatically places her in line as the next Chair, if the Chair chooses not to continue for a second year.
  • In the event of the resignation of the Chair, the Chair-elect will assume the Chairmanship until the regular date for Chair selection. In the event that the Chair-elect declines to serve as interim Chair, the Committee will make an interim replacement for its membership, with the approval of the President.

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