Application Information

Please review the following information prior to completing your printed or online application:

Personal Information

While we do not require you to provide your social security number, your birth date is required. You will be given a seven-digit student identification number at the time your application is processed. This will be your official Cleveland State student ID number.

Ohio Residency

Ohio residency guidelines are established by the Ohio Board of Regents, which is the planning and coordinating agency for higher education in the state of Ohio. Students who are classified as residents for tuition purposes receive the benefit of a state-supported education, funded largely by the taxpayers of Ohio. Therefore, the residency guidelines are meant to exclude from resident classification those people who are in the state of Ohio primarily for the purpose of receiving the benefit of a state-supported education. To be classified as a resident for tuition purposes, a student must meet the guidelines for residency as defined by the Ohio Board of Regents.


If you are a permanent resident of the United States, but not a citizen, you must submit a copy of your alien registration card, or green card, (front and back) and include on application your resident alien ID number and the date the ID number was issued.

If you are not a United States citizen or permanent resident, you must include your country of citizenship and your current visa type.

Enrollment Plans

  • Most incoming freshmen begin taking classes during the fall semester, although students can begin taking classes any term. Fall semester begins in August and ends in December of each year. Spring semester begins in January and ends in May of each year. There are generally two sessions held in summer. Our first summer session begins in May and ends in June. Our second summer semester begins in late June or early July and ends in August.
  • Most incoming freshmen wish to earn a bachelor's, or four year degree. You would select "degree" if this applies to you. (For online application only.)
  • Students who have already earned their first bachelor's degree and plan to pursue a teaching licensure should select "State of Ohio Teaching Licensure." (For online application only.)
  • Students who are not interested in earning a degree (generally students who already have a degree and are pursuing additional education and training) may select "certificate." (For online application only.)
  • Students who have no intention of earning a degree, licensure or certificate and are taking courses for leisure or personal reasons may select "non-degree."
  • Please choose the major that is most interesting to you. You may change your decision at any time. If you would like to change your major after you submit your application, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 216.687.5411.


If you are planning to live on campus, please indicate this intent on the application for admission. A housing application will be mailed to you.

Financial Aid

If you are planning to apply for financial aid, please indicate this intent on the application for admission. Information will be mailed to you.


If you have applied or plan to apply to the Honors Program, please check "yes" for this question. (For online application only.)

Educational History

  • Students who have graduated from high school should include the name of the high school.
  • Students who have attempted or completed any college-level courses must complete this section, including Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) courses. Please list each school, beginning with the school you attended most recently.
  • If you have taken courses at Cleveland State University previously, be sure to indicate your enrollment in this section.

Personal Statement

Please use this section to provide information on your previous educational experience(s). This space is limited to 2,000 characters (including spaces). (For online application only.)

Special Instructions for Online Application

Cleveland State provides you with an opportunity to complete your application online. If you have chosen to complete our application online, please refer to the following section for additional instructions and information.

If you are filling out your online application over a period of time, or exit the online application before submission, please be sure to save your work before exiting. Before you begin the online application, you will need to complete information to create an account. You will be given a Personal Identification Number (PIN) and password. Be sure to keep this information is a safe place so you can access your account when you return. A tech support button is available should you have technical difficulty when completing your application. Please note that the contact for technical difficulties is a staff member of the Apply Yourself Network, not Cleveland State. If you have questions as you are completing the application, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 216.687.5411.

All applicants, regardless of citizenship status, may apply for admission online. The University reserves the right to contact any student for clarification of information submitted when processing an application.

Following completion of the application, it is ready for submission. We recommend that you review your responses to all questions in each section. A screen prompt will allow you to review your application. You will need to complete three more steps in order for your online application to be completed.

  • Step 1: Confirmation

    After reading the statement, you must check the box and select continue.

  • Step 2: Application Fee Payment

    Your online application will not be processed until your payment is received. A one-time $30 application fee is required for all undergraduate applicants. You may pay your application fee by credit card or electronic check at the time you complete your online application. You may also choose to send a check. If you are planning to request an application fee deferral, you must submit an appropriate form (ACT, SAT or NACAC). If you need assistance, please contact your high school guidance counselor or contact your admissions recruiter.

  • Step 3: Signature Page

    It is important that you read this page and complete the electronic signature of your application.

All online applications begin to be processed 24 hours after submission (Monday through Friday). Please print a copy of the payment voucher and receipt of the online application and keep these for your records.

Please note that your application will not be reviewed until all steps for applying are completed. You can check your application status online by visiting CampusNet. Your student ID number and password will be mailed to you within three days with instructions on how to access this feature from our web site. You may also call 215.687.5411 or contact your admissions recruiter.