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We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey. Please note that you can specify what kind of information you would like to appear in our searchable, access-protected alumni directory. We will protect your privacy and will never share your personal information to a third party without your permission.

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Get Involved

Would you like us to share your personal information in our alumni directory online?
Would you like us to share your employment information in our alumni directory online?
Would you be interested in receiving a CSU International Alumni newsletter?
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Would you be interested in being contacted by CSU students and faculty traveling to your home country?
Would you be interested in supplying a new CSU graduate in your region with career advice?
Would you be interested in starting a CSU Alumni Chapter in your country?
Are you in touch with any other CSU international alumni?
If yes, how many?*

*Please email them this link to register with the CSU International Alumni Site.

Thank you for your time in filling out this survey. If you know other international alumni, please spread the word to them about this survey.

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