Institutional Research and Analysis
2002 - 2003 Factbook

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            The FactBook represents the continuing commitment of the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment & Analysis (IRAA) to present updated information about Cleveland State University.  A variety of tables and charts provide trend information over a five-year period as well as some key attributes and characteristics of the University for the current academic year.

Several new pages have been added in 2002-2003 FactBook.  They are:

  •          ACT/SAT Score by College and Gender
  •          Maps of Headcount Enrollment by Counties
  •          Fall to Fall Retention Rate for IPEDS Cohort
  •          4th and 6th year Graduation Rate for Incoming IPEDS Cohort
  •          Part-Time Faculty Statistics

            In addition, a couple of procedural changes have also been made in the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 academic year FactBook.  Therefore, extra caution must be taken when comparing data with previous years in the following areas:

         Non-Degree Students:   Students in the Non-Degree college category have been assigned an academic college based on their intended major or college.  Therefore, the number of Non-Degree student headcount went down significantly both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

         New Law, Graduate and Doctoral Students:  Students graduated from CSU and reentering in graduate, doctoral or in law school are now considered as new students.  As a result new enrollment for certain colleges has increased in significant number, whereas the total enrollment remained consistent.  

              The Fall 2002 data suggest a positive trend in student enrollment compared with the previous year. Consistent with the previous FactBook, the information presented is based on the Census Date (the 15th day) files specified by the Ohio Board of Regents (OBOR) unless it is specifically noted from a different data source.  The purpose of this FactBook is to provide the readers with frequently requested statistical information used in planning, reporting, and assessment.  In order to serve the campus community more efficiently, IRAA office welcomes your suggestions and comments. Please direct your questions and/or suggestions to (216) 687-4700 (or via the e-mail addresses provided below).  The entire FactBook is ONLY available on line via IRAA website ( 

            We would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of the campus community for their contributions to this publication.

April, 2003

Hasina Khanom
IR Analyst and Factbook Coordinator               

Jeffrey Chen
Director, IRAA

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