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Cleveland Section Strategic Planning

October 10-11 Planning Retreat

On Saturday, October 10, 18 members of the ACS Cleveland local section got together for a 1 ½ day retreat that did not disappoint.  Among them were 9 executive committee officers, representatives from both academia and industry, an undergraduate student, and a graduate student who just defended her thesis. Facilitated by Kathleen M. Shultz and Carol Duane of the ACS Leadership development department, animated discussions resulted in clarifying our vision and mission, identify our most important goals and come up with strategies to achieve those goals. The ACS Cleveland section new strategic plan was born. The retreat ended with establishing the next steps needed to keep our momentum and set ourselves for success. The experience was bonding.  Words to describe the retreat abound: informative, useful, productive, collegial, exciting, empowering, and energizing.  There were disagreements and arguments, of course, but thanks to our facilitators, previously agreed ground rules and a drive to make a difference, the group was able to resolve conflict and come up with great ideas.  

At this point, you might be wondering what our strategic plan is. Our draft vision (to be fine tuned) is: “Energize and empower people to transform lives through chemistry in the greater Cleveland area.” And our draft mission is: “To foster/cultivate a community dedicated to advancing chemistry and its people for the improvement of society”. Our three goals are:

  • Goal 1: a) Increase attendance at local section events by 50%.   b) Increase diversity of active local section members (those regularly attending events).
  • Goal 2:  Develop and implement a communications plan that integrates web, social media and print media in less than 2 years.
  • Goal 3: Capitalize on our existing programs and increase our presence and participation in outreach activities to the greater Cleveland community.

To achieve these goals over the next 3-5 years, we will need your help.  Stay tuned, as more of the section’s strategic plans are unveiled and volunteering opportunities are announced.

Genevieve Sauve
Director and new Communication Officer of the ACS Cleveland Section.







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