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Cleveland State University's Campus Recreation Services is committed to helping you stay active and healthy. And we understand that it's not always to east to make it over to the Recreation Center to participate in a class or join a program. But you don't have to sacrifice being active - we can help!

Look no further than our Resources page! Here you will find the latest and greatest workouts, programs, news and videos to help you stay on-track with your fitness goals. We'll also provide the information you need to keep active and help direct you where to go to get involved.
One of the many things we thrive on is bringing our members new and exciting ways to supercharge their experience. These programs and initiatives can only be found at CSU Campus Recreation. With new programs added regularly throughout the year, you can truly turn up your workout to the next level.

NEW! Move of the Month

Check out our new Move of the Month video series and get learn some new exercises you can incorporate into your workout and exercise routine!

wRECk IT Vikes

Looking for a new fitness routine that fits your schedule? wRECk It Vikes is a FREE program that gives you a challenge every day to complete on your own time and pace. This program is designed with flexibility in mind - perfect for the fitness beginner or the experienced fitness enthusiast.

wRECk It Vikes provides a daily directive to work towards to get you started, then challenges you to exceed those goals and set new ones, gradually building your fitness levels and living a healthy lifestyle. And the best part is - you can do it all on your own time, at your own pace. So, take the challenge - fit for all!

Inclusive Rec

Campus recreation is much more than just workouts and fitness classes. Cleveland State Campus Recreation is dedicated to promoting and offering an inclusive and comprehensive collection of programs and services that promote health, wellness and activity, and encourage anyone AND everyone to participate, regardless of skill, ability, age or any other factor.. We also have an extensive collection of equipment that can be modified for anyone with physical impairements or limitations. Rounded out by a fun and respectful staff who are eager to lend support and a helping hand, there's no reason for anyone to not get involved. Learn more about our Inclusive Rec program.

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