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Black Studies (B.A)

Admission to the major: Good academic standing.

Minimum hours required for the major: 44

Minimum hours required for the minor: 24

Advising: Director of Black Studies

For information: Contact the Black Studies Program (216) 687-3655,

The Black Studies major is an interdisciplinary program administered by the office of the Black Studies Program. The majority of courses are offered in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and, therefore, the degree is granted by this college.Black studies courses are also offered in other colleges at Cleveland State University. The scope of the Black studies courses encompasses the study of the history, geography, experiences, contribution, and lifestyles of people of African descent. It also covers the myriad aspects and manifestations of the arts and cultures of African peoples on the continent of Africa, and persons of African descent in the United States of America and in other areas of the African Diaspora.

Students who have an interest in the African Diaspora are encouraged to purse a Black Studies major. Upon graduation, students with a major in Black Studies are welcomed into a variety of occupations and graduate and professional schools. Based on data collected by the National Council of Black Studies, Black Studies graduates do particularly well in social service areas, sales, and media communications.

Students electing to major in Black Studies should inform the director of Black Studies of their intention as early as possible by completing the Black Studies Major Application Form. The form must be submitted to the Black Studies Program for review and approval. Upon acceptance into the major the director of Black Studies and/or a designated person shall serve as a student adviser.

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Major-Field Requirements

Required Courses: Black Studies majors are required to complete a minimum of 44 credit hours. The hours must include core hours in each section below (A1 through C3) and Capstone I and Capstone II in section D. A minimum of 28 credit hours must be completed at the 300-400 course level. See website or call the Black Studies Program for the complete listing of courses.

Black Studies Major Curriculum

Core Course Requirements, Sections A, B, C, and D: See course selection below

Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

All majors must take Capstone I and Capstone II. No substitutions are permitted.
Senior Capstone Project options: Research project, travel abroad, or thesis paper.
The project is to be developed in Capstone I and implemented in Capstone II.

Notes: Language Requirement Spanish, French, or available existing Diaspora languages.

*When topic is related to the history of Diaspora peoples/nations/regions.

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Black Studies Minor

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Students electing to minor in Black Studies are to inform the director of Black Studies of their intention as early as possible by completing the Declaration or Change of Minor form and submitting it to the director. The director of Black Studies or a person designated by the Director shall serve as adviser to students who elect a minor in Black Studies.

The Black Studies minor requires twenty-four (24) credit hours be completed in Black Studies designated courses. All minors must complete BST 200: Introduction to Black Studies in addition to all other requirements stated for the Black Studies Minor.

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