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Religious Studies (B.A.)

Minimum hours required for major: 34
(30 if a second major)

Minimum hours required for minor: 18

Advising: Dr. Matt Jackson-McCabe, phone: 216-687-2170.

Religion is a fundamental part of the way that humans define their cultures, identify themselves in contrast to “others,” organize their societies, and conceive of the meaning and purpose of existence. The aim of the Religious Studies program is to supply the critical methodologies, historical knowledge, and academic skills necessary for an academic understanding of religions, and thus to prepare students for a wide range of professional and academic pursuits.

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Major-Field Requirements

The Department of Religious Studies requires 34 credit hours for a major. Of the 34 required credit hours, at least 20 credits must be in 300- or 400-level courses. The specific courses required for the major will be determined on an individual basis in consultation with a departmental adviser. Religious Studies 498 is required for all majors.

A Religious Studies major who wishes to complete a second major in another field may have the number of credits required for the Religious Studies major reduced from 34 to 30.

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Religious Studies Minor

The Department of Religious Studies requires 18 credit hours for a minor. Of the 18 required credit hours, at least 12 credits must be in 300- or 400-level courses.

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Courses in Cognate Fields

The Department of Religious Studies will allow students to take courses offered by cognate departments to satisfy some requirements for the major and minor. These courses must be approved by the Department of Religious Studies. A student may take up to 8 hours for the major or up to 4 hours for the minor.

A major or a minor in Religious Studies is not available to evening students.

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