College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Academic Procedures


All students are strongly encouraged to consult with an academic adviser on a regular basis. The CLASS Advising Center is located in Room 279 of the Chester Building and can be contacted at 216-687-5040.

The advising staff will provide a wide range of services including information on college and university graduation requirements, information on academic regulations, evaluation of transfer credit, assistance in planning a course schedule, and help in preparing student petitions.

After declaring a major, students should meet regularly with their major-field adviser to discuss course selection and long-range academic and career plans.

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Selecting and Declaring a Major

Although Liberal Arts and Social Sciences students must declare a major by the beginning of their junior year, they are encouraged to declare their major as soon as possible. By doing so, students are put into contact with the faculty members who will become their major-field advisers and mentors. By declaring a major early, students will also have more opportunities to work with faculty members and to participate in either the research or creative activities of their academic department.

Major programs may differ in the number and nature of credit hours required. In selecting a major, students should consider their own interests, aptitudes, and professional aspirations. Also, students should pay close attention to university, college, and major-field requirements and plan a schedule to ensure that they do not unnecessarily extend the period of time it takes to complete a degree.

To declare a major, contact the CLASS Advising Center, Chester Building Room 279, 216-687-5040.

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Evening Majors

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences offers majors for evening students in three areas: Communication, History, and Political Science. Requirements for these majors, which are the same as those of the day majors, can be found under the heading of each individual department.

Before declaring a major in the evening program, a student should consult with the chairperson of the major department to determine the pattern and frequency of offerings of evening courses. A student should also meet with a faculty adviser on a regular basis to discuss course selections, prepare a timetable for completing degree requirements, and receive advising on educational and career goals.

If a particular major field is not offered in the evening, contact the chairperson of the department to explore if possible alternatives exist.

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