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Professors:William Bowen , Miron Kaufman, Sanda Kaufman (Director, M.A. in Environmental Studies Program), W. Dennis Keating (Director, MUPDD Program), Wendy Kellogg (Associate Dean and Department Chair), Robert A. Simons, Michael Spicer, Roberta Steinbacher (Director, Undergraduate Programs); Associate Professors: Nancy Meyer-Emerick, Brian A. Mikelbank; Assistant Professors: Benjamin Clark, Sung-Gheel Jang, Stephanie Ryberg, Nicholas Zingale

Course Descriptions

ENV 259 Natural History of the Cleveland Area (2-6-4). General geology, ecology, flora, and fauna of the Cleveland area; field trips to parks and museums to study local rock formation, Forest types, and plant and animal identification. Designed primarily for nonscience majors. Cross-listed with UST 259. Return to top

ENV 435 Environmental Policy and Administration (4-0-4). Administration of the organizations charged with responding to environmental regulations and/or crises; decision- and policy-making processes within and around these organizations, especially as they are related to conflicting interests and values. Cross-listed with UST 435. Return to top

ENV 436 Urban Sustainability (4-0-4). Presents the values, trends and methods of planning for environmentally sustainable cities and regions. Focuses on urban sustainability and built form, including buildings, designed green spaces, urban water systems, energy and economic change. Students become familiar with processes that generate the physical landscape and the impacts of human settlements on natural landscapes. Local, state, and federal laws and regulations relevant to land use and resource protection are featured. Students become familiar with planning methods and their use. Cross-listed with UST 436. Return to top

ENV 440 Environment and Human Affairs (4-0-4). Challenges to decision-makers in environmental policy-making; strategies appropriate to various decision situations, analysis of decision-making, negotiation and mediation techniques. Cross-listed with UST 440. Return to top

ENV 441 Environmental Planning (4-0-4). Exploration of principles and processes of environmental planning focusing on urban and regional levels; presentation of frameworks and techniques in areas such as site plan review, urban design, urban environmental restoration, open space and habitat preservation, water quality, bioregionalism, and growth management. Cross-listed with UST 441. Return to top

ENV 442 Environmental Finance and Capital Budgeting (4-0-4). Introduces students to natural resource economics theory, financial decision-making processes, and public policy relevant to environmental protection, urban sustainability, and natural resource development and management; examination of public goods and pricing theory, public sector involvement, regulation, market solutions, capital planning, and budgeting for environmental infrastructure. Cross-listed with UST 442. Return to top

ENV 443 Environmental Regulatory Compliance (4-0-4). Examination of occupational safety and health requirements placed on industry and urban institutions; utilizes training modules that meet federal standards and guidelines. Return to top

ENV 489 Advanced Senior Seminar (4-0-4). Prerequisite: Senior standing or permission of instructor. Capstone course coordinating knowledge and skills gained through fulfillment of the requirements for a major in Environmental Studies. Cross-listed with UST 489. Return to top

ENV 490 Environmental Internship (2 to 12 credit hours). Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Work experience in environmental agencies for Environmental Studies majors. Return to top

ENV 493 Special Topics in Environmental Studies (1 to 4 credit hours). Special offerings varying with faculty expertise. A typical subject is Energy Policy. Return to top

ENV 496 Environmental Research (2 to 8 credit hours). Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Independent research for Environmental Studies majors. Return to top

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