Course Descriptions

Health, Physical Education, Recreation Core Courses

Course Descriptions

HPR 101 Wellness As A Lifestyle (2-0-2). This is an introduction to lifestyle behaviors over which people can exert some control; emphasis is on benefits of exercise and fitness, proper diet, and stress reduction, along with management of lifestyle behaviors important for good health and lifetime wellness; personal wellness goals are developed. This is a wellness course. Return to top

HPR 250 Diversity in Sport (3-0-3). This course examines historical and contemporary issues, cultural concerns, politics and practices, in analyzing the progress made in the sporting experiences for minorities and women in the United States. Through the lens of social justice, sport will be explored at all levels from the loss of opportunities in sports for minority children to the illusion of equity in collegiate and professional sports for women. The positioning of sport in society is examined via the gender-race power relationships that emerge through sport. Return to top

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