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Professor: Tama Lea Engelking (Chairperson).

Course Descriptions

Students with native experience of Japanese may not enroll for credit in the 100-level courses in Japanese.

All students with training or experience in Japanese other than a previous course in that language at Cleveland State must consult a counselor in the Department of Modern Languages for assistance in deciding where to enter the Japanese sequence. Failure to seek counseling may result in schedule shifts during the first week of class.

JPN 101, 102 Japanese I, II (4-2-5). Prerequisite: JPN 101: None; JPN 102: Completion of JPN 101 with a "C" or better or permission of instructor. This course covers the essentials of Japanese usage and includes practice in hearing, speaking, reading, and writing. There is a lab fee. Return to top

JPN 193, 293 , 393, 493 Special Topics in Japanese (1 to 4 credits). Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. This is the study of a particular topic in Japanese language, literature, or civilization. It may be repeated with a change in topic. Return to top

JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese Conversation (4-0-4). Prerequisite: JPN 102 or equivalent. This course involves practice in hearing, speaking, and writing based on selections from contemporary, informal Japanese materials. Return to top

JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese Language and Culture (4-0-4). Prerequisite: JPN 102 or equivalent. Readings explore Japanese customs, attitudes, history and values in comparison with the U.S. It is an ongoing review and expansion of Japanese skills development. Return to top

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