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Professor: Tama Lea Engelking (Chairperson); Professor Emeritus: Edward R. Haymes.
Assistant Professor: Kelly Wrenhaven

Course Descriptions

Courses in linguistics, literature, and civilization having no prerequisites are listed under French, German, Modern Languages, and Spanish.

LAT 101 - 102 Latin I, II (4-0-4). Prerequisite LAT 101: none; Prerequisite LAT 102: LAT 101 with a grade of C or better or permission of the instructor. This is an introduction to Latin with emphasis on reading skills; it is based on classical and medieval texts. Return to top

LAT 111 - 112; 113 - 114 Latin FLEX IA-B; IIA-B (0-3-2). Prerequisites: LAT 111: None. LAT 112 through 114: a grade of C or better in the preceding level; or permission of the instructor. This is the first-year Latin sequence offered in a modular Directed Studies format. The course content is the same as that of LAT 101 - 102, but students in LAT 111- 114 are not required to attend classes. Scheduled tutorial sessions are required. Students may normally register for up to two courses in a given semester. Return to top

LAT 193 - 293 - 393 - 493 Special Topics in Latin Literature (1 to 4 credits). Prerequisite: Two years of college Latin or equivalent or permission of the instructor. This course includes readings and research dealing with topics in Roman literature, culture, and history. It may be repeated for credit with change in topic. Return to top

LAT 196 - 296 - 396 - 496 Independent Study in Latin (1 to 4 credits). Prerequisites: Student must have sophomore, junior, or senior standing. Proposed projects must be approved by a full-time department faculty member, who will serve as the project adviser, and the department chair. This course is comprised of student-initiated supervised projects involving Latin language or literature, such as in-depth study of a particular writer, or special readings in linguistics. Independent study may be used to cover the materials of a listed course not offered in a given year. Projects are arranged between student and instructor. Project's title will appear on student's transcript. It may be repeated for credit with change of topic. Return to top

LAT 200 /300 Latin Bridge (1 to 2 credits). Prerequisite for LAT 200: Completion of LAT 102 or 114 with a grade of C or better, or permission of the instructor; for LAT 300, completion of LAT 201 or 202 with a grade of C or better, or permission of the instructor. The course provides an informal "bridge" over the summer term between the first-year and the second-year Latin sequences (LAT 200), and between the second year and upper-level Latin courses (LAT 300). Through reading and translation of selections from classical and/or medieval Latin literature, it provides students who have completed the first-year or the second-year course with an opportunity to maintain their Latin skills over the summer, and to enhance their reading skills. LAT 200 and LAT 300 are offered together. Return to top

LAT 201 Culture and Civilization (4-0-4). Prerequisite: Completion of LAT 102 or LAT 114 with a grade of C or better; or permission of the instructor. This is an introduction to some aspects of Latin culture and civilization through close reading and analysis of significant works of classical Latin prose; specifically the "Cupid and Psyche" story from Apuleius' "The Golden Ass." Other readings, including texts in English on Latin culture, will be assigned as appropriate. A secondary goal is to build upon the skills gained in first year Latin through grammatical topics appropriate to the intermediate course. Return to top

LAT 202 Vergil (4-0-4). Prerequisite: LAT 201 or permission of the instructor. This is the study of selections from the Eclogues, Georgics and the Aeneid in their historical and literary contexts, including rules of scansion and prosody, literary criticism and research. Return to top

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