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Professors: Sanda Kaufman (Director, M.A. in Environmental Studies Program), Wendy Kellogg (Associate Dean and Department Chair), Roberta Steinbacher (Director, Undergraduate Programs); Associate Professors: Jennifer Alexander (Director, MPA and MNAL Programs), Brian Mikelbank; Assistant Professors: Benjamin Clark, Ronnie Dunn, Sung-Gheel Jang, Haifeng Qian, Christine Rush, Stephanie Ryberg.

Course Descriptions

PSM 302 Contemporary Urban Issues (4-0-4). The physical, social, and economic dimensions of the urban crisis emphasizing minority communities; traditional and nontraditional approaches to problem definition and solution, techniques for understanding and shaping the physical environment; and constraints to problem solving in urban areas. Cross-listed with UST 302. Return to top

PSM 385 Practicum in Public Safety Management (Variable 2-24 credits). Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Independent experiential learning involving theory and practice in management, communication skills, community safety needs and the analytical tools for addressing issues and problems in public safety services and systems. Return to top

PSM 433 Negotiation and Conflict Management (4-0-4). Examines conflict as an omnipresent component of any decision-making environment. Offers tools for understanding the nature of conflict; devising individual and group strategies that minimize the destructive consequences of conflict; and identifying solutions that are satisfactory to all involved. Includes lectures, discussions, and simulation games. Cross-listed with NAD 433 and UST 433. Return to top

PSM 451 Public Safety Management (4-0-4). Introduction to public sector management in law enforcement, fire safety and related public safety agencies; leadership and management styles; decision-making and team building. Return to top

PSM 452 Management of Urban and Nonprofit Organizations (4-0-4). Capstone course coordinating knowledge and skills gained through fulfillment of the requirements for a major in Public Safety Management. Cross-listed with NAD 452 and UST 452. Return to top

PSM 453 Managing Urban Diversity (4-0-4). Study of diversity including circumstances faced in urban settings that are exacerbated or affected by diversity factors; exploration of a range of social, political, and economic issues related to diversity. Cross-listed with NAD 453and UST 453. Return to top

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