Professors: Jeffrey L. Brudney (Levin Chair), Edward Hill (Interim Dean), Sanda Kaufman (Director, M.A. in Environmental Studies Program), Wendy Kellogg (Associate Dean and Department Chair, Director, MS in Urban Studies Program), Roberta Steinbacher (Director, Undergraduate Programs), Camilla Stivers; Associate Professors: Jennifer Alexander (Director, MNAL Program), Michael V. Wells.

Course Descriptions

Note: effective Spring 2009, all USA courses will be converted to NAD courses. Please see NAD course descriptions.

USA 380 Urban Family Development (4-0-4). Community building through a holistic approach to family development in urban communities. Cross-listed with UST 380. Return to top

USA 386 Practicum in Urban Services Administration (Variable 2-24 credits). Prerequisite: permission of instructor. Independent experiential learning involving theory and practice in nonprofit administration, communication skills, and analytical tools for addressing issues and problems in public safety services and systems. Return to top

USA 410 Proposal Writing and Program Development (4-0-4). Examination of the structure and content of proposals, sources of funding, foundation decision-making, program evaluation, and social/institutional change in the urban environments; independent preparation of proposals and application of evaluation procedures. Cross-listed with UST 410. Return to top

USA 433 Negotiation and Conflict Management (4-0-4). Course examines conflict as an omnipresent component of any decision-making environment. Offers tools for understanding the nature of conflict, devising individual and group strategies that minimize the destructive consequences of conflict, and identifying solutions that are satisfactory to all involved. Includes lectures, discussions, and simulation games. Cross-listed with PSM 433 and UST 433. Return to top

USA 451 Fundraising and External Relations for Nonprofit Organizations (4-0-4). Provides the fundamentals of fundraising and external relations for nonprofit organizations, with special emphasis on the challenges faced by small to mid-sized community and faith-based organizations; development of viable strategies for attracting diverse and sustained financial support for nonprofits; development of strategies for dealing with clients, area residents, members, trustees, legislators, the press, and other important constituents; practical, hands-on exploration of the skills and knowledge needed to equip managers of nonprofits to position their organizations effectively in the community. Return to top

USA 452 Management of Urban and Nonprofit Organizations (4-0-4). Developing critical management skills; problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution; introduction to Total Quality Management. Cross-listed with PSM 452 and UST 452. Return to top

USA 453 Managing Urban Diversity (4-0-4). Study of diversity including circumstances faced in urban settings that are exacerbated or affected by diversity factors; exploration of a range of social, political, and economic issues related to diversity. Cross-listed with PSM 453 and UST 453. Return to top

USA 455 Gender and Leadership (4-0-4). Examination of factors influencing public acceptance of women in leadership positions; discussion of strategies for effective leadership in diverse communities, and relationships between priorities of the urban community and society's perception of women's roles. Course includes guest lectures by women currently in positions of leadership. Cross-listed with UST 455. Return to top

USA 456 Institutional Development of the Nonprofit Organization (4-0-4). Examines nonprofit organizations as community institutions, and the role of institutional management and leadership in their development; the nature of leadership and management in the nonprofit sector; fundraising and financial management; governance and the respective roles of board, staff and volunteers; the political, economic and inter-organizational environment; community relations; needs assessment; and planning and performance measurement. Cross-listed with UST 456. Return to top

USA 459 Budgeting and Policy Analysis (4-0-4). Revenue, expenditure, and debt structures of American cities; theories of public budgeting; types of budgets and budget formats; and typical components of a budget document. Cross-listed with UST 459. Return to top

USA 490 Human Services Cooperative Education Internship (Credit as Arranged). Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Work experience in urban agencies for nonprofit administration majors. Return to top

USA 493 Human Services Issues (4-0-4). Special topics in human services, including citizen advocacy, mental health, substance abuse, and domestic violence. Topics will be listed in the semester course schedule. Return to top

USA 496 Research in Human Services (Credit as Arranged). Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Special research involvement in ongoing projects or specially developed projects for nonprofit administration majors under supervision of a faculty director. Return to top

USA 497 Readings in Human Services (Credit as Arranged). Prerequisite. Permission of instructor. Independent study for nonprofit administration majors. Return to top

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