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Professors:Mary Ellen Waithe (Program Director), Rachel Carnell, Tama Engelking, Bargara Hoffman, Elizabeth Lehfeldt, Roberta Steinbacher; Associate Professors: Jennifer Alexander, Chien-Chen Bowen, Elizabeth Cagan, Delia Galvan, Adrienne Gosselin, Dana J. Hubbard, Diane Steinberg, Sarah Toman; Assistant Professors: Ana Begovic Juhant, Sonya Charles; Lecturers: Phyllis Benjamin, Elizabeth Bly, Margaret Payerle, Marnie Salupo Rodriguez; Associate Professors Emeriti: Mareyjoyce Green, Sarah Matthews, Robert Wheeler

Course Descriptions

WST 151 Introduction to Women's Studies (4-0-4). This course is a broadly interdisciplinary examination of the roles of women as their status and roles are socially constructed, and as women can determine them to be. There is emphasis upon related changes in gender relations in contemporary society. Return to top

WST 351 Practicum: Women's Studies (4-0-4). Prerequisite: Approval of the Women's Studies Director. Required for major in Women's Studies. Field experience involving the application of theory and practice in a specific area of Women's Studies. Return to top

WST 393 Special Topics (4-0-4). Analysis of issues in women's studies; topics vary and may include: The Women's Movement, Women and International Social Development, and The Third Wave: Voices from the Next Generation. Course may be taken for credit more than once, but no single topic may be repeated. Topics will appear in course schedule. Return to top

WST 495 Advanced Seminar in Women's Studies (4-0-4). Prerequisites: Senior standing. Required for major and for minor in Women's Studies. Review and synthesis of prior work in Women's Studies. The impact of Women's Studies in higher education is discussed with emphasis on substantive and methodological contributions, initiation of new research frontiers, as well as an overview of cross-cultural perspectives and current issues. Return to top

WST 496 Independent Study (1 to 4 credits). Prerequisites: Senior standing, written permission of instructor and Women's Studies Program Director. Faculty supervised and directed selected readings in areas of special interest and topics as arranged with an instructor on an individual basis. Return to top

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