College of Education and Human Services

Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S. in Ed.)


The Bachelor of Science in Education degree is conferred upon students who complete college requirements in the following major fields: Early Childhood Education, Middle Childhood Education, Physical Education, Special Education (Mild /Moderate or Moderate/Severe educational needs), or Allied Sports Professions (Exercise Fitness Specialist or Sports Manager).

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Degree and Licensure Requirements

In addition to meeting the university requirements for the baccalaureate degree (see the section on Common Requirements in the chapter on University Regulations), candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education and teacher licensure must meet the following requirements of the college:

  1. Maintenance of at least a 2.50 cumulative grade-point average.
  2. Maintenance of at least a 2.75 grade-point average in professional course work .
  3. At least a 2.50 grade-point average in all content area course work required for licensure as identified on the undergraduate checklist. (Applies to those in Adolescent/Young Adult Teaching Areas, Middle Childhood, Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, and Allied Sports Professions.)
  4. Successful completion of student teaching and taking of all required Praxis II examinations. (Applies to those in teacher licensure.) Note: All required Praxis II examinations must be passed before a candidate’s teaching license application will be endorsed by Cleveland State University.
  5. Completion of between 125 and 137 semester hours of course work .
  6. Achievement of at least the Proficient level on all 12 initial teaching license outcomes as demonstrated through artifacts presented in a Professional Portfolio. (As of Fall 2007, all students entering teacher license programs are required to maintain their portfolios in the Cleveland State University ePortfolio System.)

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General Education Requirements

(Minimum of 41 credit hours)

The General Education Requirements for all B.S. Ed. programs meet those established by the Cleveland State University Curriculum Committee and approved by University Faculty Senate. New requirements are in effect as of Fall 2008. General Education Requirements for programs in the College of Education and Human Services are found with the program descriptions and requirements which follow this section. All students should consult program checklists in the College of Education and Human Services Advising Office (Education Building 107A) for up-to-date General Education Requirements. Students entering the university as first-year students must enroll in the Introduction to University Life (ASC 101) course.

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