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The university has more than 100,000 alumni, most of whom have remained in the Northeast Ohio area to establish careers, give back to the community, and raise their families. At nearly 1,000 businesses across the country, a Cleveland State graduate is at the helm as founder, chairman, CEO, president, or other top executive.

Graduates of Cleveland State University and its predecessor institutions are represented by the Cleveland State University Alumni Association and its chapters.

The Department of Alumni Affairs works closely with the Alumni Association to jointly develop professional, social, and educational programming that benefits the alumni body as well as the university community. The university magazine, Perspective, is published two times a year.

The goal of the alumni office is to generate alumni participation and support in the continuing development of the university. Phone: 216-687-2078.

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CSU Foundation, Inc.

The Cleveland State University Foundation Inc. is a private, nonprofit corporation created in 1969 to serve as an independent, tax-exempt organization to solicit, receive, and distribute gifts to the university in accordance with the wishes of the donors.

There is extensive coordination of efforts between the foundation and the Office of University Advancement on fundraising. The two are working cooperatively on the university's initiatives to raise endowment and current use funds.

University fundraising efforts provide much-needed private support for scholarship assistance, research, equipment, educational programs, and facilities.

Gifts to the foundation are tax-deductible within IRS guidelines. Donors have the option of making gifts that are restricted to a specific purpose, or unrestricted. All restricted gifts are used in accordance with the donors' wishes, and unrestricted gifts are used where the need is greatest. Phone: 216-687-5522.

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Information Services and Technology

The Information Services and Technology (IS&T) division is responsible for ensuring that Cleveland State University's information technology resources are aligned with the strategic priorities of the institution. We ensure that the IT services are dependable, easy to use, cost efficient and operate effectively.

The ultimate purpose of Information Services and Technology is to support CSU's core missions of education, research, service and accessibility. We recognize that these can only be achieved by working in partnership with students, faculty and staff to reach their goals.

IS&T is responsible for developing effective IT policies, procedures and standards, soliciting customer input regarding their substance and rationale. IS&T strongly advocates the use of and adherence to standards as a key step in providing a scaleable, common and affordable CSU computing environment.

IS&T strives to be the IT services partner of choice, delivering customer-focused quality services and support products that add value to the overall CSU community.

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Academic Assessment

Each program on campus assesses student learning outcomes as an integral part of the continuous improvement approach to student learning, instruction, and curriculum design. The Office of Student Learning Assessment coordinates all university-wide assessment efforts focused on learning within the major, general education, and student service programs. Systematic assessment of student learning incorporates the evaluation of papers, projects, portfolios, pre- and post- tests, licensure and other examinations in order to determine whether the university’s expectations and goals for learning are being achieved. Current and former students’ views about the learning process are also solicited through questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. Additionally, employers and community members are involved in providing feedback, which is used to improve continually all academic and non-academic programs at our university.

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Smoke-Free Environment

In 1993, on the recommendation of the Faculty Senate, the Cleveland State University Board of Trustees adopted the University's Smoke-Free Environment Policy, which prohibits smoking inside all university buildings.  The initiative for this policy came from within the Cleveland State community and enjoys wide support from students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Further, the university complies with Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code, adopted by Ohio voters in November 2006, which further restricts smoking in public areas.

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