Undergraduate Admissions

Enrolling at Cleveland State

Transient Students

Students are eligible to enroll at Cleveland State University as undergraduate transient students for one semester, typically summer, if they:

  1. are currently undergraduate degree-seeking students at another college or university,
  2. are in good academic standing at their home institution,
  3. have obtained written permission from their home institution to attend Cleveland State on a transient basis, and
  4. have successfully completed any applicable prerequisites for the course(s) in which they wish to enroll.

Transient students are NOT required to complete an application for admission through Undergraduate Admissions, but instead they complete the Transient Student Enrollment Request through the University Registrar Web site: http://www.csuohio.edu/admissions/guest/transient.html.

Therefore, the following conditions apply to transient students:

  • registration as a transient student does not imply acceptance to the university as a degree-seeking student,
  • financial aid is not available for transient students,
  • Cleveland State University academic department approval must be obtained in order to register for 300- and 400-level (junior- and senior-level) courses,
  • transient students are subject to the same registration (add/drop) and academic standing policies that apply to degree-seeking students, and
  • fees are not charged for placement examinations.

To enroll as a transient student, the following materials must be submitted to the Office of the University Registrar:

  1. A completed Transient Student Enrollment Request.
  2. Written verification from the current degree-granting college/university of transient status eligibility, good academic standing and successful prerequisite completion. Usually, the transient student’s academic dean or adviser submits this verification along with the courses that the home institution permits the student to take at Cleveland State.

Note that there is no application processing fee required.

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