Division of Institutional Diversity

Office of the Vice President for Institutional Diversity

Cleveland State University is a leader in the state in enrolling and graduating minority students and is a top producer of African American masters graduates. CSU has been recognized nationally in Diverse Issues in Higher Education Top 100 and highly recommended by the Hispanic Outlook. CSU is recognized as a leader in workforce diversity by the Cleveland Commission on Economic Inclusion and has the largest percentage of diverse faculty among Ohio public universities.

The Division of Institutional Diversity has university-wide responsibility to advance diversity, opportunity and positive race and community relations. Program initiatives focus on enriching the campus environment through educational experiences that enhance positive race and human relations; retaining minority students, faculty, and staff; supporting academic and non-academic diversity initiatives; identifying and responding to issues and concerns related to minority groups; reviewing institutional policies, procedures, priorities and programs related to serving the diverse university community; and collaborating with the urban community through outreach and service.

The Division of Institutional Diversity is comprised of the Office of the Vice President and the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (ODAMA). Major retention, achievement and student support programs include the AHANA Peer Mentoring Program (African American, Hispanic American, Asian American and Native American), STARS (Student Achievement in Research and Scholarship) undergraduate research program, and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Student Services.

The Vice President for Institutional Diversity is the chief diversity officer for the university. The Office of the Vice President focuses on the advancement of institutional diversity, community relations, diversity training, diversity outreach and retention and campus climate. For more information, please visit us in Rhodes Tower 1201 or contact us at 216-687-9335.

E-mail: diversity@csuohio.edu.

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