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Introduction to the Career Services Center

Central to the university experience is career exploration and planning in relationship to academics. In order to complete this introduction to personal and professional development, a student will also develop knowledge of job-search strategies, marketplace realities, and skills specific to his/her field. A full range of student-focused programs and confidential services are available to all Cleveland State University students from the first year through graduation and into alumni status.  Students are able to visit the Career Services Center as often as they wish at Rhodes West 280, or call us at 216-687-2233 to make an appointment with a career professional. Other information can be obtained by visiting our website at:

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Career Coordinators

Students have the option to begin meeting with a career coordinator as early as their first semester.  Students can familiarize themselves with ways to explore how their interests, abilities, experiences and values relate to their academic studies and career preparation. Our career coordinators are assigned to assist students in specific majors for which they have developed competencies. Call the Career Services Center to make an appointment with a career coordinator who specializes in your major.  We have a coordinator who specializes in working with students who are undecided as well.

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Choices Planner

Choices Planner is a computer-based program that allows students to explore and assess their interests, skills, aptitudes, and values. By using this system along with a follow-up meeting with a career coordinator, students learn how their choices relate and how understanding their personal characteristics will help them begin to make an informed career decision.

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Sloan Career Cornerstone Series

The Sloan Career Cornerstone Series is a program designed to assist students interested in engineering and other technical programs in their career decision-making process. By using the Sloan program, students learn more about the differences in various technical careers, along with the skills and specializations they may need to develop.

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Career Conversations and The Greater Cleveland Connection

To complement Choices and Sloan, as well as the career courses, students have the opportunity to meet individually with alumni and other professionals to learn how academic studies and career development work hand-in-hand. Please see a career coordinator for more information.

The Greater Cleveland Connection

The Greater Cleveland Connection enables students to volunteer or to intern in areas of career interest. Students should see their career coordinator for more information.

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LINK Program

The Career Services Center's LINK Program is a collaborative effort between the university and the corporate community seeking to recruit students of color at Cleveland State University. The LINK Program partnership with the corporate community helps minority students clarify personal and professional goals, while fostering career exploration and academic achievement. Newly admitted Cleveland State students begin the program during the summer before their freshman classes begin. LINK's comprehensive support intensifies during the first year with professional mentoring, personal development, career preparation, and scholarships.

Students are recruited primarily from Greater Cleveland-area high schools. Selection of LINK participants is based on admission to the university, a written essay, submission of written recommendations, and an interview with the LINK Program staff.

LINK's comprehensive and ongoing academic and career support provides the foundation for student success. Students who participate in the LINK Program will be acclimated to the university and will be prepared for career opportunities in business and industry.

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Career Services Center's Additive Career Preparation Courses

CSC 121 takes students on a guided exploration of academic majors and career choices. It is recommended that students enroll in CSC 121, Career Orientation, in their second semester. This course fulfills the course requirement for undergraduate participation in the Cooperative Education Program and is recommended for students who wish to explore career options or validate their career choice. This is a one-credit-hour course.

CSC 224 is a three-credit-hour course designed to help students explore the world of work, their skills and interests, job-search strategies, and the relationship between various college majors and careers as well as develop a career portfolio. This course is highly recommended for undeclared/undecided students. This course fulfills the course requirement for undergraduate participation in the Cooperative Education Program.

CSC 321 provides for maximum graduation preparation with minimum anxiety. It is recommended that students register for CSC 321, Employment Strategies, in their junior or senior year or during their graduate program. CSC 321 helps students develop effective job-search strategies. This course fulfills the course requirement for undergraduate participation in the Cooperative Education Program. This is a one-credit-hour course.

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America Reads

Cleveland State students can be placed as reading tutors in Cleveland elementary schools or libraries. Those students with a federal work study award are eligible to apply. America Reads tutors also qualify as Cooperative Education Program participants.

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Cooperative Education Program


Through the Cooperative Education Program, students can explore career and academic options, pretest career choices, put academic theories to work with professionals in their field, polish personal and professional skills, and earn money to contribute to their educational costs. Cleveland State University offers the Cooperative Education Program in all undergraduate fields of study and most graduate programs. Co-op students work in positions that are closely related to their academic areas of study and career interests. Work experiences are typically scheduled during alternate semesters beginning in the sophomore year. In some cases a parallel schedule of part-time work is available.

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Co-Op Eligibility

There are three basic requirements for admission to the Cooperative Education Program: students must have earned at least 30 semester hours, be in good academic standing prior to the first assignment, and have completed the one-credit-hour CSC 121 Career Orientation course. Transfer students are also eligible to participate in co-op.

Application for admission usually is made in the freshman year or, in the case of a transfer student, during the first semester on campus. Application requirements are satisfied when the student completes CSC 121, which presents detailed regulations and procedures for obtaining the greatest value from the co-op program and aids students in clarifying their career goals and sharpening their job-search skills.

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Co-Op Credit

All co-op students are required to register their co-op experience with the university. CSC 300 provides for academic credit in recognition of the educational value of the cooperative education experience. In this way, one credit is given for each co-op experience completed. This credit is not counted toward the number of hours needed for graduation, but it will add academic hours to a student's credit total. The academic credit maintains a student's full-time status while on a co-op job. CSC 400, a non-credit option, is also available. However, CSC 400 does not maintain a student's full-time status.

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Co-Op Administration

The Cooperative Education Program is administered by the Career Services Center. During the Career Orientation course, students are assigned to a career coordinator. The coordinator acts as a liaison between the university and the working community, developing co-op opportunities and maintaining an effective rapport with all program participants.

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Co-Op Job Placement and Scheduling

Co-op employers include a wide range of businesses and industries, governmental, social service agencies, and school systems. Jobs are developed with employers who will provide a meaningful work experience, the standard rate of pay for the work being performed, and a careful evaluation of the student at the completion of the work semester.

Coordinators help students in the entire placement process, providing counseling and contacts. Students then apply directly to the employer and are hired on their own merits. Students must register for CSC 300 or CSC 400 (Co-op Field Experience) during each semester in which they have a work assignment.

The co-op schedule, showing the semesters the student will be in school and when the student will be at work, is prepared by the coordinator in consultation with the student and the appropriate academic adviser. The co-op student typically alternates periods of being at work and at school from the end of the freshman year to the beginning of the senior year. Two students are often paired with the same employer, thereby keeping a designated co-op position filled at all times. Variations in length and pattern of co-op schedules are considered on an individual basis with many factors being considered.

Students enrolled in the Cooperative Education Program are expected to comply with all of the policies, rules, and procedures governing the program, which are explained further in the Career Orientation course.

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The Career Services Center has a special program targeted for students interested in entering the biotechnology industry. Co-ops and placements are actively sought by the many biotechnology companies in the Cleveland area. Additionally, the center coordinates the academic Biotechnology Certificate programs offered through the colleges of Science, Business Administration, and Engineering. For more information, call Career Services or visit

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Project Springboard

Project Springboard offers career counseling with a specific focus on cooperative education to Cleveland State University students who have a disability. The goal of this program is to aid in defining career goals and help students gain degree-related work experience while earning their degree. Contact 216-687-2233 for more information.

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Senior and Alumni Services

For students approaching graduation, the Career Services Center provides Senior and Alumni Services. Senior and Alumni Services are available to all undergraduate students with more than 90 academic hours. Graduate students are eligible for these services throughout their entire graduate program. Eligibility continues after graduation and the services continue to be free of charge for the first year after graduation. Services to seniors and alumni include CSUcareerline, our Internet-based system that provides access to hundreds of full-time degreed positions available at local and national employers. Seniors and alumni are also eligible to participate in the On-Campus Recruiting Program, career fairs, and other various events held throughout the year. The center's Career Resource Library provides graduating students with directories, videotapes on career opportunities, career-path resources, connection to the Internet, and information on hundreds of companies.

For additional information on any of these programs and services, call or visit the

Career Services Center
Rhodes West 280

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