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Counseling Services

Counseling Services, located on the 12th floor of Rhodes Tower, offers a range of services to students and staff. The purpose of the services is to help students maximize their university experience by helping them better adjust to changes in the personal, interpersonal, educational, and vocational areas of their lives.

The following services are available:

  • Individual Counseling is short-term counseling, usually one to 10 sessions with a counselor to resolve any concerns that a student may have.
  • Couples Counseling is designed to enrich couples' relationships by solving problems, improving communication, and resolving conflicts. Couples counseling is offered to all students and their partners.
  • Group Counseling involves a small number of students who meet to discuss common concerns. The supportive atmosphere and variety of perspectives in group counseling can be particularly helpful.
  • Personal, Educational, and Occupational Information is available through self-help books, educational and vocational planning aids, and information about a variety of psychological problems in the Counseling Center's library.
  • Academic Counseling is aimed at improving study skills and eliminating blocks to optimal academic performance.
  • Vocational/Career Counseling employs assessment tools and other counseling interventions to help students clarify their interests, select majors, and decide on the career that best fits their interests, abilities and values.
  • Outreach Programming addresses the specific needs of the university community and relates to a wide domain of psychological issues.
  • University Community Assistance Program (UCAP) provides initial consultation, assessment, and referral when personal problems begin to interfere with a Cleveland State University employee's well-being or work performance.
  • Consultation Services include private consultation with faculty or staff to assist them in working with each other as well as with students who are of particular concern. Consultation also may be with students who are concerned with the well-being of a friend.
  • Workshops and Seminars are designed to address specific topics such as test-anxiety control, stress management, career decision-making, and overcoming blocks to learning. Counseling Services also offers single-session programs. A variety of topics can be addressed in talks with student or faculty groups. They can be presented in one 60- to 90-minute session, or arrangements can be made to adapt the program to suit a group's special needs.
    • Educational and Vocational Programs
      • Choosing a Major
      • Discovering Interests
      • Reducing Stress During Mid-Terms and Finals
      • Blocks to Learning and How to Overcome Them
    • Study Skills/Academic Services
      • Improving Study Techniques
      • Taking Lecture Notes
      • Improving Listening and Concentration
      • Reducing Test-Taking Panic
      • Managing Test Anxiety
      • Taking Tests
      • Writing Term Papers
      • Speed Reading
      • Preparing for Tests
      • Establishing Study Groups
    • Faculty Workshops
      • Improving Academic Advising
      • Student Needs
      • Working With Angry People
      • Understanding Multicultural Differences
      • Recognizing and Referring the Student in Distress
    • Interpersonal Programs
      • Initiating and Building Relationships
      • Parenting Skills
      • Strengthening Family Relationships
      • Assertiveness
      • Goal Setting
      • Time Management
      • Feeling Good or Overcoming Depression
      • Alcohol Awareness
      • Human Sexuality
      • Eating Disorders

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Testing Services

The Testing Center administers entrance exams such as I-ACT and Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency. Several graduate exams, certification exams and validation exams are also given. These include PRAXIS, GRE (subject tests), PCAT, and the MAT. The CLEP (College Level Exam Program) is available on a computerized system. This exam permits a student to receive college credit for a course by passing a 90 minute multiple choice exam. Proctoring services are available for independent study courses. Faculty test scoring service and student evaluations of faculty are available through the Testing Center.

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Academic Services Center

The Academic Services Center provides various forms of academic support including: COMPASS placement testing for math, English, Spanish and French for new students.

Placement testing is the first step required of all new freshman students and those transfer students who have not successfully completed college-level English or math courses. In order to enroll in any English or math course, the placement testing process must be completed prior to registration. The English and math placement tests are designed to assess the level of proficiency in the written use of English as well as a studentís mathematical competency level. The objective is to place students into English composition and mathematics courses commensurate with their level of competency. Students are required to register for the course level in which they are placed. In some cases, further testing may be required. For placement testing information, please call 216-687-2566 or visit

Tutoring helps students develop a better understanding of the scope and content of their courses. Tutoring is available in the General Education courses at Cleveland State. In order to be hired as a tutor, students must be at the sophomore, junior, senior, or graduate level. In addition, all prospective tutors must be recommended by their professors. Call 216-687-2012 for tutoring information or visit

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