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Do you need help with a tough course? Do your study skills need a boost? The Tutoring and Academic Success Center(TASC) provides academic assistance to Cleveland State University students in a supportive learning environment. A staff of dedicated peer tutors provides free out-of-class assistance in a wide variety of subject areas. Please view our website ( for a complete listing of courses for which we currently provide tutoring. Tutoring is provided in a 1:1 setting, as well as small study groups, and language conversation groups. If you require assistance with specific academic skills (note taking, studying, time management, etc.), you could meet with a Success Coach to discover strategies for your personal learning style.

New to the Tutoring and Academic Success Center are the SI and SLA programs. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a nationally recognized academic assistance program that provides regularly scheduled, free, informal sessions in which students review lecture material, revise notes, discuss readings, and apply learning strategies. Students learn how to integrate course content and study skills while working together.

Structured Learning Assistance (SLA) incorporates weekly study and practice sessions into the required course meeting time. During the SLA session, students receive additional opportunities to master course content, develop learning strategies for the course, and better understand the expectations of the professor.

Tutoring is coordinated through pre-scheduled individual sessions as well as facilitated by walk-in specialists in a variety of content areas from 11am-3pm Monday through Thursday. Students are encouraged to bring their course texts and materials with them to their sessions and schedule appointments early in the semester. Contact or visit the Tutoring and Academic Success Center at 216-687-2012, Main Classroom (MC) 110W. You can schedule an appointment by email at

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