International Student Services (CISP)


The Center for International Services and Programs, located in the Keith Building at 1621 Euclid Avenue, provides specifically designed services to meet the needs of more than 800 international students from 72 different nations who are enrolled in academic programs at the undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level.

CISP provides a variety of services to international students and international visitors to foster a positive learning experience for both their academic and personal growth.

Arrival. CISP provides an airport pickup service for first-semester international students. Students notify CISP of their arrival information via the Arrival Form, which is sent to the students with their I-20 or DS2019. The Arrival Form is also available for download from the CISP Web site. Students can e-mail their completed Arrival Form to CISP at, or fax it to CISP at 216-687-3965. Alternatively, the Arrival Form can be filled out and submitted online at the CISP Web site. Arrangements will be made for a CISP representative to meet the student at the airport or other transit station.

Orientation. CISP conducts a mandatory orientation at the beginning of each academic term. The orientation takes place approximately 10 days before the term begins. These programs address important issues which new international students face, such as adjustment, language difficulties, safety, housing, immigration regulations, and university academic policies and procedures.

Individual Advising. Advising services include personal, academic, and cross-cultural advising. The advising is available by appointment and on a walk-in basis for short-term assistance.

Immigration Advising. CISP provides immigration advising for students on F-l and J-l visas. Questions concerning student visas, duration of status, practical training, and on-campus and off-campus work permission are among the topics covered. The center also conducts weekly work permission seminars.

Academic Advising. For students who face academic difficulty, academic advising is available. This advising is meant to assist students with difficulties not addressed by academic departments on campus. Students who face academic dismissal are advised as to how to strategically complete their remaining course work as to the interrelated immigration implications they may face.

Social Programming. International students at Cleveland State have many opportunities for social interaction with American students, fellow nationals, and individuals from many countries.

International Day. Each fall, the international students on campus unite to celebrate International Day, a part of International Education Week, which is celebrated around the world. Numerous nationality groups participate in bringing a day of cultural exchanges, through ethnic food, music and authentic dance performances. The event is organized by CISP.

International Student Organizations. There are several international student groups on the campus. They represent countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. New groups are formed every year. Each nationality group on campus is encouraged to establish its own group.

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